If you live in an apartment you have to keep the noise levels to a minimum. You’re sharing the building with other people so if you’re being overly loud you’re going to become a problem.

The thing is  we like to make noise. Whether it’s having the TV turned up, blasting out our favourite album or having friends round – it isn’t easy staying quiet.

Equally, if you live in an apartment you’ve probably experienced noisy neighbours. It can be a nightmare trying to get to sleep and being kept up all night by that one person who chooses to listen to the radio at 2am.

Whether you’re the noisy occupant, or you live near one you might find use in this blog. We’re going to look at 5 ways to reduce the noise coming from your apartment and stay in your neighbours good books.


It’s obvious to say that you’re going to need something that’ll absorb the sound.

Most apartments nowadays come with hard wood floors which does nothing for sound reduction. If you live in such an apartment your only option is to kit the floor out with rugs.

Remember, the larger and heavier the rug the more sound it’ll absorb.

If you always have the friend round with the world’s loudest laugh, or can’t seem to stop playing your favourite Justin Bieber album full blast throw rugs and area rugs around the place.

If you don’t think a big, heavy rug will fit in with your apartment’s decor then try cork mats, or another type of floor cover.

And maybe invite that friend round a little less…


One of the big problems with sound escaping from an apartment is construction. Unfortunately we’re not all able to asses a construction problem and solve it.

My first piece of advice would be to hang tapestries or other textured cloths on the walls. This however isn’t always to everyone’s taste.

If having a hanging of your grandmothers moth-eaten tapestry doesn’t sound like your idea of an ‘up-to-date’ decor then why not try rearranging the furniture. If you have a book case, place it next to a wall that lies between you and your neighbour.

You could also buy acoustic panels, but unless you want your front room to look like Abbey Road I wouldn’t do this.

Bring in a pro

If the noise levels from your neighbour is persisting, oryour neighbours are still complaining then bring in someone who can assess the situation.

An acoustic consultant may be able to find something that’s structurally incorrect and present you with a solution.

If all of the above fails then it looks like you’re going to have to confront your neighbour or keep your music down and tell your friends to keep quiet.