BREEAM Acoustics | Noise Attenuation | Acoustic Performance

Aran Acoustics provide design advice for BREEAM acoustic performance and carry out noise surveys and assessments to show compliance with BREEAM noise attenuation criteria for a variety of green building developments. Additionally, acoustic testing can be carried out to show compliance with the BREEAM acoustic performance targets.

BRE Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) is a environmental measurement rating for non-domestic green buildings. The primary aim of BREEAM is to mitigate the life cycle impacts of new buildings on the environment. This is achieved through integration and use of the scheme by clients and their project teams at key stages in the design and procurement process.

Acoustics and environmental noise control form part of the BREEAM rating criteria. Under the current BREEAM 2011 scheme there are a number of credits available depending on the building type. These fall under two catogories:

Hea 05 aims to ensure the buildings’ acoustic performance including sound insulation meet the appropriate standards for its purpose.

Pol 05 aims to reduce the likelihood of noise arising from fixed installations on the new development affecting nearby noise-sensitive buildings.

The per-requisite for Hea 05 is that a suitably qualified acoustician is appointed by the client at the appropriate stage of the project to provide early advice on influencing outline design solutions to :

  1. External sources of noise impacting the chosen site
  2. Site layout and zoning of the building for good acoustics
  3. Acoustic requirements for users with special hearing and communication needs,
  4. Acoustic treatment of different zones and facades.

Aran Acoustics are suitably qualified acousticians to carry out a BREEAM noise survey and assessment to achieve the available credits for acoustics and noise control.

Further information on the available credits for Noise Attenuation and Acoustics Performance for each building type can be found on the BREEAM website.