Environmental Noise Assessments

Aran Acoustic carry out Environmental Impact Assessments for a variety of projects and developments.

Environmental Noise Impact Assessments are generally required when a new noise source is been proposed for an existing area. The assessment will determine the level of  impact the proposed noise source will have on the existing noise climate. To carry out a noise impact assessment a noise survey is required to establish the existing noise levels in the area and at nearby noise sensitive locations. The proposed noise source(s) is then compared to the existing noise levels to help determine the level of impact. Depending on the noise source in question there are a considerable body of legislation and standards that provide guidance on the level of impact. The following are examples of noise sources that may require an noise impact assessment:

  • Stake Park
  • Entertainment Venue
  • Car Wash
  • Floodlit Sports Field
  • Shooting Range
  • External Plant

For large scale developments an Environmental Impact Assessment will be required. Noise and Vibration are part of the issues that need to considered at the planning stage. A comprehensive Environmental Statement is required as part of the planning application for projects likely to have a significant effect on the existing environment. A noise and vibration assessment will need to be considered for both the Construction and Operational stages of the development.

The Town and Country Planning Act 1990 sets out the Regulations that apply to the following developments:

  • Large Residential Developments
  • Industrial Estates and Warehousing
  • Major Transportation Infrastructure
  • Mining Extraction
  • Energy Facilities
  • Airports

Aran Acoustics can carry out comprehensive noise and vibration surveying of proposed large scale developments and provide detailed reports to support Environment Statements.