Entertainment Venues

Aran Acoustics can provide design advice for both the sound insulation and the acoustic performance of entertainment venues.

Nightclubs and music venues tend to produce high internal noise levels. Sound insulation within these types of buildings is critical to the overall performance as having to reduce or limit the noise level from music can have a negative effect. Correct sound proofing will help maintain suitable internal noise levels without risk of complaints from nearby noise sensitive properties. This is essential in the design of these building types as complaints can lead to the Local Authority issuing a Noise Abatement Order resulting in the premises been closed down while remedial work is carried out.

Internal acoustics is another important factor to consider in the design of music and entertainment spaces. Good acoustic design results in high sound quality making the space more enjoyable for both the listener and performer. The optimum reverberation time for a space in which music is played depends on the type of music that is to be played. Normally a lower reverberation time is required for a space where speech is the main sound source. The use of absorption treatment and placement of reflectors and diffusers can enhance the overall sound quality of the space. 3D computer modelling is used to assess the optimum placement of acoustic treatment throughout the space.

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