Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

Aran Acoustics provide guidance to Architects, Design Teams and Building Contractors on the acoustic design of Hospitals and Healthcare facilities.

Acoustic design is fundamental to the quality of healthcare buildings. Sound affects us both physiologically and psychologically. Noise, which can be defined as “unwanted sound”, can have a negative effect on our well-being. Pleasing sounds help create a sense of well-being. Music can be used to treat depression, to reach autistic people and to calm and relax tense patients.

Good acoustic conditions improve patient privacy and dignity, and promote essential sleep patterns. Such conditions are key to healing. Good acoustic design brings other benefits in terms of patient and staff comfort and morale, as well as improved efficiency and usability of equipment.

Health Technical Memorandum 08-01: Acoustics (2013) sets out the acoustic design criteria essential for healthcare premises. HTM 08-01 design criteria includes noise levels in rooms, external noise levels, sound insulation between rooms, impact sound insulation, acoustically-absorbent material, audio systems, audiology facilities, and vibration caused by medical equipment.

HTM 08-01 covers issues such as the provision of temporary healthcare facilities, refurbishments, and control of noise and vibration during construction. It also explains test methods and procedures.

HTM 08-01 is written for healthcare professionals to understand acoustic requirements and to help those involved in the development of healthcare facilities. It sets out acoustic criteria for the design and management of new healthcare facilities however the manual does not give solutions to meet the acoustic criteria.

A specialist acoustic adviser should be used to take a holistic approach to the acoustic design. Therefore detailed acoustic theory is not included in HTM 08-01, although sufficient detail is given for a basic understanding of the acoustic issues.

Aran Acoustics can provide design teams with comprehensive and practical advice on the acoustic design of Hospitals, Clinics and other Healthcare facilities. Please contact us to discuss your project requirements.