Noise Survey for Residential Planning Applications

Aran Acoustics can carry out noise surveys and assessments for residential planning applications. A noise survey is generally  requested during a planning application where noise is of concern to the future habitants of the development. The purpose of the noise survey is to established the environmental noise levels of the proposed site and assess the suitability for development.

Aran Acoustics typically carry out a 24 hour noise survey to establish the existing noise levels of the proposed site. Sometimes the Local Planning Authority may request a longer surveying period depending on the noise source(s) of concern. Aran Acoustics will liaise with the local Environmental Health Officer (EHO) to ensure the noise survey is carried out to their satisfaction.

Once the environmental noise levels of the site have been established an assessment of the proposed facades of the residential building(s) with be carried out. Noise break-in calculations will then be carried out in accordance with British Standard 8233:1999 Sound Insulation and Noise Reduction for Building – Code of Practice  (BS8233:1999) to predict the likely internal noise levels within a typical dwelling.

A planning report will then be provided with details of the noise survey and resultant measured noise levels of the site. This will be suitable for submission to the Local Planning Authority to release the planning condition. Details of the facade assessment will be included within the report along with the required glazing and ventilation specification to achieve suitable internal noise levels.