Project Description

The Acoustic performance standards for the Priority School Building Programme supersedes Section 1 of Building Bulletin 93. Noise disturbance caused by environmental noise has been taken into account. This requires building façades and roofs to be designed to limit the ingress of environmental noise.

The objective is to provide suitable Indoor Ambient Noise Levels for:

  • clear communication of speech between teacher and student
  • clear communication between students
  • learning and study activities
Table 1 of the Acoustic performance standards for the Priority School Building Programme specifies upper limits for indoor ambient noise levels in terms of LAeq,30mins during normal teaching hours. The upper limits values are determined by the type of room and its intended use.

In order to achieve the indoor noise level targets set out in the acoustic performance standards for schools a baseline noise survey will be required to determine the existing environmental noise levels across the proposed site. Based on the measured levels a performance specification for the building’s façades and roof will be required.

The consultants at Aran Acoustics have considerable experience in the assessment and design of educational buildings. Further information can be found at or alternatively please contact us to discuss your requirements.